Artist Statement

Creative Art, Life, Colors to Feeling Good and to Play.
To work in clay make me feel inner peace, to be patient, have respect and hope in Love to transform and touch the hearts of the people.

I chose the mud to print my footprints, using the rhythm, the ascendant movement and the centrifuges forces of the wheel to make my arts, with prints and organics out, with the mark of my fingers appearances that denotes the pass of the time, the world go round, in constant transformation; and the contrast life.
Clay is for me the best, the richest, noble and complex material, that model with my hands and fired in a technological process, can be transformed into art: fine, delicate, yet strong and durable, with identity and transcendental.
 I choose local materials; develop my own clays, glazes and use oxides, slips, wood ashes and multiples fired in my work. Raku is the technique most developed.

Themes of my Work come from the nature: the Waves of the Sea, The Music, Fishes, Cave Drawings, Love and Human Dignity. There things are present forever in my life and represent the physic, mental and spiritual food, prosperity, and essential to life, it´s make me happy and remember when I was children, playing on the mud, on the sand, fishing to eat a good fish on  good places with family and friends.
Most of the time I make functionally pottery, craft, and small objects that could be taken between hands, and bring us memories of a holiday happy time; but I like to make big pieces to gardens and light too.

Not ever I make a pre-established piece, many times I feel the clay in my hands, center it on the wheel, and I go, with joy and hope, on clay's time, playing my Art.
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